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Sagardighi is about 30 kilometres north-west of Baharampur by road.Morgram, the junction of NH 34 and Panagarh–Morgram Highway is part of Sagardighi block.An area steeped in history, it has recently been in focus because of the expansion programme of Sagardighi Thermal Power Station.

Most Interest this about Sagardighi ::

• Small weapons made of stone, which are around 15,000-20,000 years old.

• Sagardighi has many remains of the Pala dynasty.

• Hussain Shah, the greatest of Sultans of Gauda, was associated with Chandpara or Ekani Chandpara.

• The surface of land to the west of the Bhagirathi, the area in which Sagardighi lies.

• Some 2,000 migratory open-bill storks, locally known as shamukkhol.

• Sagardighi play's a most role in the economy.

• Kherur mosque. The 15th century mosque.

• Chandanbati temple is a major tourist attraction.

• Sagardighi Thermal Power Station of West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited. and Ass Pond.

• Sonar Bangla Cement (Century Cement) factory.

• Mirzapur famous for manufacturing of Jamdani, Gorod, Tashar, Jakard, Murshidabad Silk fabrics etc.


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