Sarai Rohilla railway station

New Rohtak Road, New Delhi, New Delhi, 110007
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Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station, is situated about 4 km from old Delhi railway junction in India. Its station code is DEE. It is managed by Delhi Division of Northern Railway zone. Many trains from Delhi to Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat stop at this station. More than twenty trains including Duronto and AC trains originate at this station.EtymologySarai means an inn or resting place for travellers. The station is named after the medieval village it was located in. The village itself was named after a sarai, named after Ruhullah Khan, a noble in the Mughal court. Once it was a sarai on the busy road to Delhi and pilgrimage town of Ajmer. He was one of the three sons of Khalil Ullah Khan, the Governor of Delhi province during reign of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, and also a distant relative of Empress Mumtaz Mahal. Over time, this name has been corrupted to Rohilla after Rohillas who ruled a region called Rohilkhand around Bareilly and Rampur northeast of Delhi during the Mughal era.


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