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Kalagarh dam is situated at Kalagarh. It is 48 Km. far from Kotdwar and aprox 250 Km. from Delhi. It is very nice place to visit dam to see its architecture from inside and outside both. This is Asia’s largest earthen dam. It is a good place for nature lovers. To get in this dam area you have to take permission from Kalagarh authorities than only you can visit there. Otherwise they do not give permission to everyone. This dam is opposite side of Corbett national park there is one side is park and other side is dam. This dam is across Ram Ganga river is worth visiting. The inside tunnel of dam is very wonderfully constructed .You can take tour of this tunnel too its almost free depends on you if you want to give 100 or 50 Rs. to the guide but he will not ask you for any thing. There are lot of stairs and you will go down aprox 40 Ft. into the tunnel. Your voice will echo there too and he will explain you every thing about dam there is a place where the sealing is transparent and you can see the water on your top its amazing .You can bring your food there and can enjoy your one day in surroundings of nature and water. There are some water fountains too sometimes it is in active mode so it makes the beauty of this place double. You can do photography there and spent a full day there with your family or friends.


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