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What is Power Yoga?
The Power Yoga trend started emerging during mid 1990s. As the name suggests, 'Power', Power Yoga is fast paced and a strenuous practise. Ashtanga Yoga was re-invented in the form of a technique called Power Yoga.

The core of Power Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga. Power Yoga (Ashtanga yoga) wakes up the internal fire. It ignites the dormant flame of vital life energy within all of us. The vinyasa system works with the synchronization of deep, rhythmic breathing and movement. By linking the postures it creates a continuous flow of energy that heats up the body, bringing oxygen to the blood, nourishing the glands and internal organs, cleansing and purifying the nervous system, releasing unwanted toxins through perspiration. As the heat goes up toxins are burned up and out of the system, creating a lighter and stronger body, and a clear mind. The heat is not only a physical experience, it is an internal spiritual fire that burns through the fog of illusion and ignorance.

As concentration increases, the breath, mind, body, and soul come into union, to entrainment. Ashtanga yoga is a focusing technique that joins the main life forces, beating in unison to an internal rhythm, your internal rhythm. With control of the breath, the mind becomes calm, allowing one to tap into a flow state where there is no sense of time, where externally imposed barriers dissolve and there is a sense of oneness with the universe. As focus increases, there is an effortlessness, a lightness in the harmony of movement and breathing.
It is in the very cavern of our heart that we can realize the immensity of spaces, and by controlling our own vital rhythms that we can escape the power of time. It is by reaching the source of life that we can escape the power of death. It is by exploring the unknown spheres within ourselves that we can visit the celestial and infernal worlds.

The stress on fitness makes Power Yoga different from other forms of yoga. It gives more importance to strength and elasticity of the body. Power Yoga does not have any fixed poses to be followed. The poses and the sequencing of the poses differ according to the teacher or instructor. Power Yoga is highly beneficial for both the body and the mind. It gives you a vigorous workout while delivering a meditative element for your mind and spirit.

What’s Involved in Power Yoga
Power Yoga is a type of Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa is a style that involves moving from position to position, rather than taking breaks between yoga poses. Power Yoga falls on the more extreme or active end of Vinyasa Yoga, since it involves fairly rapid movements and quick switches between poses.

While going through a Power Yoga Class, you’ll notice that you’re getting a high intensity calorie burning session in addition to the strength and flexibility components. Moving faster increases calorie burn and gives you a better workout than traditional yoga. However, it is also much more demanding than a typical yoga class. Be prepared to work hard and take frequent breaks in the beginning.

Power Yoga Breathing:
Ujjayi is often called the "sounding" breath or "ocean sounding" breath, and somewhat irreverently as the "Darth Vader" breath. It involves constricting the back of the throat while breathing to create an "ah" sound - thus the various "sounding" names. Ujjayi peps up the metabolism and helps in weight reduction. It also removes the clutter of useless thoughts from the mind and helps you focus on the present moment. Ujjayi is engaged throughout the Ashtanga Yoga (Power Yoga) practise.
When the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is still, so is the mind still. - Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Difference between Power Yoga and Traditional Yoga
It is of interest to note that most styles of yoga use the same postures (asana), most incorporate some breathing techniques (pranayama) and many incorporate some form or other of meditation practices. Therefore, in a very broad sense, all styles of yoga build their foundations based on Patanjali’s eight limb path. The main difference between Power Yoga and what is commonly termed Traditional Yoga is mostly in the pacing, sequencing as well as the intensity - Power Yoga is faster paced and the intensity is higher than Traditional Yoga.

Some tips which you should keep in mind while practicing Power Yoga:
Do not practice power yoga on a full stomach. Wait two to three hours after eating before beginning a session.
Wear sweat absorbent clothes (workout / sports wear)
Stay comfortable
Seek guidance of a professional as it involves difficult poses
Concentrate completely on each pose
Follow a proper series of exercise while performing it
Avoid over doing it or exerting yourself. Slow but steady must be your Power Yoga mantra

Benefits of Power Yoga
You can expect to gain many benefits from a regular practice of Power Yoga. Physically, you benefit from developing flexibility, strength and endurance. You will see an improvement in your posture. As with working out in general, you will feel less tension in your body and a greater release of any stress or anxiety after your Power Yoga workout.

Power Yoga is not only about achieving excellence with different poses, it is also a method to achieve an excellence of mind. It is a beautiful way to gain a perfectly fit and healthy body. If you have been wondering about how yoga can help you stay in shape, here is the answer. You are just minutes away from a healthy trim body.

Here are some great benefits that Power Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) provides:

Weight Management (weight loss or gain)
Body Toning
Removes body toxins through sweat
Increases the calorie burning capacity of body (metabolism)
Increases stamina, strength and flexibility of body
Improves blood circulation and immune system
Improves concentration and self-control
Manages symptoms of Thyroid disorders
Heals disorders like stomach acidity
Helps cope with insomnia and sinus
Helps to deal with hypertension
Helps deal with symtoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and other menstrual disorders
Manages symptoms of anxiety and depression
Manages symptoms of various addictions

Yoga, in general, is also known for cleansing the organs and releasing toxins through sweating. While cleansing your body, Power Yoga helps to clear your mind. A regular Power Yoga practice will improve your focus and concentration. You will find a strengthening in self-discipline as you clear out any mind clutter and focus on the task at hand in each balancing movement, pose and breath.
Power Yoga enables weight management, a fitter body and a healthy mind. Power Yoga is not only about looking good but also feeling good..
Our Power Yoga Classes are closely modeled on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga style of practice.


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