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2nd Floor of Gorkha Complex, MinBhawan, Kathmandu, 44600
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Fashion, accessories, urban, girls, ladies, jewellery, clothes, dresses, online shop, quality and NEPAL. These are what defines Urban Girl, Inc., primarily a modern urban fashion online store slowly but very passionately expanding services to cover everything that defines an Urban Girl.

Q: Why is the price expensive?
A: Our suppliers are well recognized suppliers in America/Europe with International Standard Quality Check. Every single product we bring to you has been reviewed by plenty of people as a high quality product WorldWide. Every single product you receive has to pass through double QC that is a rare phenomenon in whole Nepal. It is up to you, do you want to switch to better or want to stick to the worse?

Q: How long PRE-ORDER will take?
A: Depends! Sometimes it can take just about one week to up to 8 weeks.

Q: Shop XYZ sells the same for cheap!
A: As said, you are free to choose your purchase decision. We will NEVER compromise quality. We too can import cheap and sell cheap, but that is something we are never going to do. After all, Urban Girl has to stand out!

Why Choose Us?

1) For the first time in Nepal, we are coming up with the concept of Quality Control in Ladies Accessories. So be assured that every piece you buy are hand-picked by our staffs and quality-checked by our quality control department.

2) We don't ask you to come to our store to buy stuff. We deliver you the stuff to your home. We value your time, we value your importance.

3) We are not some old minds looking to build houses through business. We are fresh minds looking to see our ideas grow. So we focus on delivering all our creativity than seeking after something else.


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