Traffic Gastropub

City Centre Rajarhat, Calcutta,
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Traffic Gastropub is an urbane space designed especially to cater to all that the city needs. Scrumptious Food, Lip smacking Drinks and a very Happening and Lively Vibe is all that`s cooking in here. A good time is guaranteed.

Life nowadays is a constant race, our mornings don`t start with chirping birds but with honking cars, having to go anywhere using a personal ride is no longer a luxury, we consider it a bare necessity. In times like these when half of our days and a quarter of our lives go by on the run, when jams are no longer an occasional difficulty but our daily “genuine” excuse, it`s time to term and accept TRAFFIC as an unavoidable part of our lives.
When leaving early to reach office in the morning is no longer effectual and when completion of jobs and leaving work before time doesn’t translate into a rewarding relaxation space, then we need to take a minute out, breathe and think to ourselves, “why?”
To bring coherence in all of this chaos, we`ve bought into your lives a place, perfectly imbibing the verve of your “On the clock” life as well as holding the charm of serenity and chill. Scrumptious food and a drink or two, will surely get your tired quotient fall down like never before. The pub hopes to be a rescue zone for both, the ones about to dive into the sea of actual traffic as well as for the ones who`ve surpassed it. Alongside it even allows you to answer any caller asking “Where are you?” the perfect answer, because this time for real you`ll be “Stuck in Traffic”.


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