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You'are talented, We know it!">Welcome to the Official Page of Talented By Chance.
Here at TBC, we aim at enhancing our users experience and talent about what they are actually good at. Believing in themselves, taking their hobby & interest as their profession.

Parents: After 12th you are gonna do engineering or medical. Is that Ok?
Teen: No, I want to do the thing I am good at.
Parents: No you will spoil your life, it's all useless.
Teen: It's just that, I am "used less!"
Parents: Stop arguing, we are parents, we know better.
* Teen the way to her dream and proved the right to the parents.*
Parents: She our daughter. We are so proud of her.

That's what we are!
Just believe in yourself.

Our Mission :
☆ A platform for the talented one's.
☆ Enhance your dreams.
☆ A better way round to your aims.


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