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Sehore Ganesh Temple,Gopalpur, Sehore, 466001
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Sehore is famous for Chintaman Ganesh Temple. This lord Ganesh Temple is very old and historical place in the time of Maharaja Vikrmaditya. Sehore was commonly known as Siddhpur in the kingdom of Vikramaditya. Chintaman Ganesh Temple is situated in the west-north of Sehore.

The temple was later constructed in 155 BC. Half of the idol still under the ground in this Ganesh temple. Baji Rav Peshwan first got the assemble hall constructed and reinaugrated the temple. It is situated on the angles of Shree Yantra. . Sehore was previously known as Siddhpur which is found in holy books (Purans)..

Sehore is 39 Km away from state capital Bhopal towards south and on Bhopal-Indore highway. Its height from the sea level is 1500 ft. to 2000 ft. It is also connected to Western Railway from Bhopal to Ratlam. Sehore stands in the foothills of the Vindhyachal Range in the middle of Malwa region.

About 2000 years ago, The king of Ujjayani (Avantika) used to worship the lord Chintaman Ganesh in the fort of Ranthambore every Wednesday.One day the lord Ganesh appeared in a king's dream and said, "I will appear in the form of Lotus flower on Shiva-Parvati confluence in Sevan river which is 10 to 15 Km in the west from the temple. Collect that flower and bring it with you" As instructed the king collected the flower and left for Ujjayni. On the way he heard the divine voice, "Oh king you have only one night to take me anywhere you want as the sun will rise then i'll turn into an idol and stay right there"

There the king proceeded for a little while only then the wheel of his horse carriage stuck in the ground.He tried to take out the wheel from the ground but failed and the carriage was damaged. He counts not arrange another carriage. Since the morning. As the sun rise the lotus flowers turned into the idol of Lord Ganesha. The king tried again & again but found himself unable to even move the idol from its place so the king established the idol there only.

In India there are four naturally originated Swayambhu (self-manifested) Chintaman Ganesh Temple .

Ranthambore (Sawai Madhopur-Rajasthan)
Siddhpur (Sehore-Madhya Pradesh)
Awantika (Ujjain-Madhya Pradesh)
Theur, (Theur Near Pune- Maharastra)



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