Shahpur, Punjab

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Shahpur is a city and capital of Shahpur Tehsil, located in Sargodha District in the Punjab province, of Pakistan. It lies on the Jhelum River. Shahpur is distributed in two sectors, Shahpur Sadar and Shahpur City. Shahpur Sadar is known for its British offices, district jail and possesses huge number of prominent members of Chadhar's Tribe, mainly active in regional Politics.In 1893, during the British Raj, Shahpur District of was created with Shahpur as the district headquarters. In 1914, the district headquarters were moved from Shahpur to Sargodha, although the district continued to be known as Shahpur. In 1960 however, Sargodha District was created, and Shahpur District became Shahpur Tehsil — one of the tehsils in the district.


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