Sampurna Nagar

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Sampurna Nagar is a town in Kheri district, Uttar Pradesh, India. The town is home to a sugar mill and is close to Dudhwa National Park.GeographySampurna Nagar is about 12 hours from Delhi by road and roughly the same by train, and can be reached from Lucknow by metre gauge train in about 5 hours. The town is situated close to the Nepal border, with the Nepalese town of Dhangari around by road. The river Sharda flows close to the town, which sometimes brings severe floods in the town and surroundings. Floods are very common during rains. The floods severely affect the sugarcane production, which is the main occupation of farmers in and around the town. Accessibility to town is also affected due to floods. Roads connecting the town with Puranpur and Palia Kalan are affected. Train transport from Mailani to Palia Kalan is affected too.EconomyThe main occupation in the area is cultivation of sugar cane, and Sampurna Nagar is home to the Kisan Sehkaari Chini mill.National parkDudhwa National Park, home to rhinos, tigers, birds, and reptiles, is adjacent to the town.


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