Richmond Town Methodist Church

4, Kingston road, Richmond Town, Bangalore, 560025
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The Richmond Town Methodist Church is a church community with the privilege of 135 years of a rich heritage and growth based on God's grace. The Methodist Church came to be established by the soul-saving messages of John Wesley through his 44,000 sermons that focused on the good news of grace. India and, more particularly, Bangalore had the privilege of receiving this good news through the dedicated services of God's servants. RTMC owes her existence to Rev. James Thoburn. Another servant of God was Rev. William Taylor, who was responsible for purchasing a lot in Richmond Town, one of the most populous areas without a Christian place of worship. Within a short ministry of four years, he established self-supporting churches that would carry the beacon while he moved on.

The year 1875 is significant in the history of RTMC, the first half of which experienced opposition and persecution, which meant good to the Church, with the contributions becoming more steady and larger than ever before. The second half in which the church building was started with the initial amount of Rs. 500/- was raised from a fancy sale. The Church building was dedicated acknowledging God's providence in that great trial. This marked the beginning of the church that had to show its strength in crisis.

The year 1877 was one of unprecedented scarcity and distress, a great crisis in the history of the country. "Through these crucial tests, God has brought us giving the people a mind to give not withstanding all scarcity and difficulty in living so that through out the year, our table has been continually spread anh our bread and water have not failed." Since then, RTMC has witnessed the growth in the number of persons saved by grace and the congregation thus blessed becoming God's instruments in spreading the good news to others through various activities.


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