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Quaid e Azam Medical College is a medical college in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.Quaid e Azam Medical College was founded on December 2, 1971 when its foundation stone was laid by the then Governor of Punjab, Lt Gen Attique-ur-Rehman . The college is affiliated for clinical training to Bahawal Victoria Hospital, and with University of Health Sciences, Lahore.ArchitectureDesigned by Abdur Rahman Hye, it was the first endogenously designed Medical Campus by a Pakistani Architect and has the characteristics typical in A. R. Hye's style of architecture. The design of the building incorporates natural climate control features, such as cross-ventilation, strategic placement of windows, and overhangs and courtyards to create shade. Additionally, the roof vaults, besides providing insulation, also allow the flow of air through the vault roof, bringing down ceiling temperatures. Hollow walls also provide insulation. This provides a natural protection against the hot and dry climate of Bahawalpur.Recognition and affiliationsThe college is recognized by the following organizations. Pakistan Medical and Dental CouncilUniversity of Health Sciences, Lahore Others affiliations include International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research and SEPLAA Foundation.


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