Phulpur Upazila

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Phulpur is an Upazila of Mymensingh District in the Division of Mymensingh, Bangladesh.GeographyPhulpur is located at. It has 88708 households and total area 580.21 km².DemographicsAs of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Phulpur has a population of 459046. Males constitute 50.98% of the population, and females 49.02%. This Upazila's eighteen up population is 221110. Phulpur has an average literacy rate of 72% (7+ years), and the national average of 32.4% literate.AdministrationPhulpur has 20 Unions/Wards, 378 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 411 village.There are a lot of highly qualified school in phulpur. The unions of phulpur are: 1.Chondhora 2.Ramvodropur 3.Vaitkandi 4.Singheswar 5.Phulpur 6.Poyra 7.Rohomgong 8.Kalikha 9.Kakni 10.Rupsi 11.Baliah 12.Bowla 13.Dhakua 14.Banihala 15.Tarakanda 16.Galagau 17.Kamargau 18.Rampur 19.Kamaria 20.Biska


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