Nest Koyilandy

Behind Taluk Hospital Complex, Koyilandy, 673305
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N E S T Under Koyilandy Palliative Care Society , a group of youthful, dedicated, enthusiastic and firmly determined people to walk in the path of love, affection and fraternity was formed five years back. Today this little caravan has become a refuge for thousands of people who are marginalized from the main stream of society and its life. They were once like each one of us; they had health, wealth, friends, dignity etc. but today life has revealed its pathetic face in their life. Our present clinic is functioning behind Koyilandy Thaluk Govt.Hospital.complex striving hard to provide complete care to more than 1000 patients who are in the grip of dreadful, incurable diseases like Cancer, Dementia, old age diseases, etc. We accept the patients as they are, with all difficulties and distresses. The Palliative community is trying to give hope in their life, shed light into the darkness of their hearts, and keep whispering in their ears that they are dignified and that we are brothers and sisters.


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