Naushehra Pannuan

Tarn Taran, 143409
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Naushehra Pannuan is a large village located in the Tarn Taran district in the Indian State of Punjab. The village is believed to be the largest village of the Pannu Jatt Sikh clan. Naushehra holds a prominent position in the Punjabi state politics with a number of prominent state politicians vying for candidacy in the Naushehra Constituency each year. A large number of people from the Naushehra have emigrated outside of India. Emigration started in the early 20th century with a number of people from Jaggu ki Patti(Chaudriwala) moving to Hong Kong. This wave of immigration to Hong Kong continued well into the 60s and 70s. More recently, villagers have been moving to the United States and Canada. In the first decade of the millennium, the villagers started seeking immigration to newer destinations such as Australia and Italy. The most notable event in the village's history was the Plague pandemic of the 1890s that wreaked havoc on the village and resulted in large scale deaths. This led some of the villagers to move to away from the original town center to outer areas most notably the Jagpur patti.Population & DemographicsAccording to the 2011 Census Data, the population of the village is 7785, with 4096 males and 3689 females. Regarding literacy, the census also reported that the village has 4943 literate and 2842 illiterate persons.EducationThe village features many schools at a primary and senior secondary level, which are affiliated with the Punjab School Education Board and the Central Board of Secondary Education. Here is the list of major schools in the village: Government Senior Secondary School National Public School, G.T. Road B.V.N Model School Government Primary School Oxford Public School


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