Chennai, 600024
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We are very excited to deliver the #1 fan page dedicated to KodamBakkam!

The team behind this fan page has been developing community in and around Kodambakkam both on-line and off-line. We were born and raised in Kodambakkam, Chennai and love the area, its culture, the people and everything about it, like you do!.

This fan page's mission is to serve those:
1) Who have lived, live, want to live in
2) Want to communicate with family, friends, classmates, neighbors, colleagues from
3) Want to visit, network, do business with
4) Want to know more and share information about Kodambakkam and what's happening around here!

Enjoy the content created by our users, or better yet, create and publish your own content about Kodambakkam, right here, right now!

Your Best Pal in Kodambakkam!


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