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Karjat is a town in Ahmednagar district in Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located 75 km from its District city of Ahmednagar. Rehekuri Sanctuary; a world-famous habitat for deer and there is a habitat for the Great Indian Bustard nearby.Karjat city is socially developed and is the centre of educational institute in this central western region of Maharashtra state.EconomyJowar and Bajra are the main crops cultivated in Karjat as it is a drought prone area. With recent development in irrigation channels, water from Ujani Dam, Kukdi and Ghod is now flowing into Karjat region thus facilitating growth of sugar cane, pomegranates, figs, grapes, sunflowers, and wheat in the adjacent areas.Karjat region is also famous for sugar production and has a sugar mill named Ambikanagar sugar Pvt Ltd situated at Ambikanagar.Places of interestWildlife sanctuariesThere is a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to 'antelope and great Indian bustard' in the North of Town. There are Blackbucks and Great Indian Bustards in this sanctuary. Many rare wildlife are also there in this sanctuary. They include hyenas, pythons, Shekaroos (Giant squirrels), monkeys, baboons, jackals, wolves, chitals, peacocks and many rare birds including hariyals, mynas, bulbuls, doves.Many wildlife lovers visit the town for its sanctuaries, particularly, during the months of September to January.Places of worshipIn close proximity to Karjat, there a famous Ashtavinayak temple named Siddhatek. The temple is famous for its serene beauty. The idol in the temple is believed to be "Swayambhu"—not created by human hands. Siddhatek is situated on the banks of Bhima River. Mythology behind foundation of temple of Siddhatek is that once Lord Brahma created a world with Ganpati's blessings and while this was going on, Vishnu woke up and two fierce demons Madhu and Kaitaba escaped from his ears. Vishnu fought with them for 5000 years, then Lord Shiva pointed out that Vishnu had started without worshipping Ganpati, so Vishnu invoked Ganpati on Siddhatek hill and destroyed the demons successfully and consecrated the spot.


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