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Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh02-16-2017 02:01AM
nice work

Nice start..
All the best

Vinay Kumar Gupta
Vinay Kumar Gupta02-16-2017 01:57AM
with compliment

This is one of the most famous page working on child labour.
Glad to be a part of this community...

Mavis Texeira
Mavis Texeira01-22-2017 11:28AM
Awesome effort

am proud of my students for taking up the good work they intend to do. Yes it's our duty to help and support them to continue as our true future citizens of the country..

Aryan Gupta
Aryan Gupta01-22-2017 11:23AM
Nice doing

Nice work bro..
May god bless you..

Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav01-11-2017 12:32AM
Awesome work

Really amazing start..
oll the best..

Atul12-06-2016 08:27PM

This NGO inspires me much as I saw any person who want some help then I think that god had sent me to help him and without any hesitation I help him trustly...
Thanks jindagi ek shuruwat

Akash12-01-2016 08:58AM


Anonymous12-01-2016 08:57AM


Amit jha
Amit jha12-01-2016 08:56AM


Rames Singh
Rames Singh11-15-2016 09:08AM
Excellent work

Excellent work