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Honnavalli is an Indian village in Tiptur Taluk in Karnataka State. It has an average elevation of 820 metres (2693 feet).History of HonnavalliHonnavalli is a village headquarters about 10 miles northwest of Tiptur in Tumkur District. Honnavalli was the Taluk headquarters until 1889. The history of the village dates back to the eleventh century. It was built by one Someswararaya who belonged to the Harnahalli Nayak family. Legend says 'Honnu Amma' the family deity of the Pallegar appeared in his dream and directed him to build a model village in her name. Even today 'Honnavalli Amma' is the Village Goddess. The village was built by experienced architects of that period.How did the village get this nameThere are several legends:1. It appears that there was 'Golden Showers for 3/4 of a minute.2. The village as surrounded by golden Twiners may be beetal plant coloured yellow.3. Rich coconut plantation all round - The village was inhibited by rich people(Honnu).Honnavalli was a very prosperous village. There are two tanks on either side of the village - Badagikere - Hirikere. Main crop is Coconut.Before 11th Century the village was part of Harnahalli Pallegar's domain. Since it was a border village of Harnahalli state, the Pallegar's built a strong fort all round the village.Even today we can see the remnants of it. Later the village came under the rule of Vijayanagara Empire. Honnavalli and Tiptur later came under the rule of Mysore kings after the fall of Vijayanagara Empire.


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