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Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001
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Its life, love, work, play. It’s where we’ve grown up, lost ourselves, found ourselves… Its where we’ve met some of our best friends, and it’s where we’re figuring out this madness called life! Over the past couple of years though, the city seemed uninspired- like everyone was stuck in a rut, doing the same thing, going to the same old places.

So what really gives this city its character, what makes Dilli unique? That’s how we got the bright idea to start a space and write the story behind Delhi, its people and its places. And here’s the plan: we’re going to discover Delhi for the city it truly is, by finding new places, rediscovering old ones, going behind-the-scenes at all too familiar locations, and finding Dilliwaalas who are bringing something new to the table- living it up in this gorgeous city, pursuing what makes them happy- whether it’s music, art, photography, food, fashion.

See Delhi from the eyes of Dilliwaalas, with Hello Delhi


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