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Hapur is a city in, as well as the headquarters of, Hapur district, in western Uttar Pradesh, India. Located about 60km east of New Delhi, the city is part of the Delhi National Capital Region . National Highway 24, connecting Delhi-Lucknow, passes through the city.HistoryHapur is said to have been founded in the 10th century by King Hapur. It was granted by Daulat Scindia to his French general Pierre Cuillier-Perron at the end of the 18th century. Under the British Raj, Hapur was within Meerut District, was surrounded by several fine groves, and carried on considerable trade in sugar, grain, cotton, timber, bamboo, and brass utensils. The important cavalry remount depot and farm of Babugarh adjoined the town.GeographyHapur is located at. It has an average elevation of 213 meters .ClimateHapur has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate characterised by very hot summers and cool winters. Summers last from early April to late June and are extremely hot, with temperatures reaching 43C. The monsoon arrives in late June and continues until the middle of September. Temperatures drop slightly, with plenty of cloud cover, but with higher humidity. Temperatures rise again in October; and the city then has a mild, dry winter season from late October to the middle of March.


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