28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, 110003


GUPPY, the contemporary Japanese bar & kitchen serves authentic, healthy Japanese food.

Although many people believe Japanese cuisine is just about raw seafood. That's like saying Paris is just about the Eiffel tower or our cricket team is just about Sachin.

We have a wide range of delicious vegetarian food with an emphasis on freshness and quality ingredients. Popular dishes include the Snow peas, beans and wood ear mushroom salad in walnut dressing or the Gluten free mushroom and asparagus gyoza, Rock corn tempura, Chilli lime dressed agedashi tofu and the Karashi vegetable casserole.

Try the Udon noodle soup, our tasty, fresh Seafood salad, the most delicious slow braised Pork belly in the world, our signature miso Black cod, an unusual Chicken casserole or a spicy Tenderloin with maybe some Bacon and garlic fried rice.

Talking about the restaurant, says AD Singh, ‘ai was much loved and it was a very sad day for all of us when we had to close. The location just didn't work. Since then foodies have been asking for it again and we are very happy to bring it back in a new avatar and a new, lovely space.’

It is a beautiful restaurant but we've priced it well and presented the food simply, to give you the comfort to come back again and again.

GUPPY has been developed here in collaboration with JRG hospitality pvt. ltd. who have been in the restaurant business since the fifties.


At the helm of Guppy is our award winning Chef Vikram Khatri, recipient of the chef of the year award*. Chef Vikram is fiercely devoted to freshness, hygiene and technique.

His offerings at Guppy are inspired by Japan with bold striking flavours. You could taste the spicy, the tangy, and the exotic all in one bite. His style embodies four essential elements of cooking: harmony, tradition, wisdom and balance. Most dishes, from mains to the condiments are made from scratch here.


Spread over 2200 sq. feet, noted designer Anshu Arora has recreated a playful wonderland in a modern setting. Every element has been carefully designed with original custom fabrication by artists and vendors around India. Most iconography is anime inspired and translates into the fabric, sculptures, murals and lights. Around this Anshu has worked a stunning play of colours.

Evocative of a different land, there is detailing in every piece put together be it the ceramic rose knobs or custom made tiles for the pillars, to the fabric on the banquettes.

A manga artist has worked on murals, window art and column figures. From the solar fired heart shaped tiles to the lighting and fixtures in the property most everything has been custom made and designed for Guppy.

There is clever use of Origami (Japanese paper art) and metal to make lights.

The dining area focuses on a sushi counter and a big community table with comfortable, casual seating around it. It has touches of studio designed and custom tailored kimonos on the walls. The area also boasts of two specially sculpted metal lion fish lights and Japanese kokeshi dolls, vintage cameras, old tiffin boxes and more such Japanese memorabilia scouted from antique shops. A feature water body with a stream of metallic Guppies strung together like a stream of a river make for an unusual water installation.

The charming courtyard has a anime inspired sculpture, smaller tree light boxes, a huge mural, candle lighting and casual seating centred around a tall Frangipani tree reaching for the skies.

The bar is spinning nostalgia sexy. As you enter the eye is caught by a wall representation of the artist’s take on Mickey Mouse. Balanced by a beautiful water body installation the bar and the courtyard together make for a hip space for an evening with an intimate group of friends.

Guppy by ai is a comfortable, playful wonderland and we invite you to come experience and enjoy it for yourself.

Lunch for two: 1500 ++

Dinner for two: 2000 ++


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