Fusion Fitness

Torba Juhu road, Santacruz, 400049
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This is to bring to your notice that we are starting with Fusion Fitness along with certified Master Trainer- Makarand Khedekar.

We offer
Power yoga Boot camp Training
Resistance Training Plymetric Training
Core Training Kettle Bells
Tabata Functional Training
Weight Training Improve Flexibility
Marathon Training.

1)Mixture of all of the above creates a balance and improves ones overall fitness.
2)We are offering smart workouts specially for people who don't have enough time for physical exercise.
3)Creating unusual form of fitness.
4)Balance of core work.
5)Strength work.
6)Imitating the movements of animals,reptiles,insects.These movements develop core strengthening,endurance,flexibility and provides great workout.
7)Functional fitness
Functional fitness enhances the ability for performing daily activities with ease and less stress.improves onse quality of life.


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