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Dalkhola was originally in the state of Bihar in India. After 1959, Dalkhola was located in the state of West Bengal. The town expanded around the Dalkhola village Panchayats and developed into an important centre for trade and commerce due to mainstream connection with both Railway and Roadway. It is an important center for commodities like jute, corn and oil trade in Uttar Dinajpur. It is also an important center for the trade of maize, which is produced in the neighboring state of Bihar.[2] Before the Independence of India in 1947 and later, the figure of Dalkhola was idly rural area where some Pucca and Kacha roads were connected to nearest place. The area was covered by jungle in large, only a few area was used for living. Their main source of income was agriculture and fishery from Mahananda. That time it was ruled by Raja P.C.Lal. After Independence & partition of India, innumerable refugees came to Dalkhola from Bangladesh formerly known as East Pakistan & they live in Dalkhola rural area. Before in 1956 , this area belong to the state of Bihar under Purnia district. In 1956 this area was transferred to Territory of West Bengal by endeavour of Chief Minister Dr. B.C.Roy. it is a important place in this spare of communication facility as NH-34 & NH-31 pass through this locality. Small villages are administered by Panchayat Raj, & they gradually develop into work-oriented busy market & that gradually convert into Small Township. With the growth of population and economic base establishment, the people of Dalkhola experienced a green revolution. In consequence, Dalkhola Municipality was set up on 1 st January, 2003 for upliftment of social and economic development.


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