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Bansberia is a city with a municipality in Chinsurah subdivision of Hooghly district in the state of West Bengal, India. It is under the Mogra/ Chinsurah police stations. It is about 45km away from Kolkata, at the western end of the Iswar Gupta Setu (Kalyani-Bansberia) Bridge, and a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority. Bansberia is 4 km from Bandel on the Bandel-Katwa branch line.HistoryBansberia was one of the main cities of ancient Saptagram, once the main port and commercial complex in the area. The temples of Ananta Vasudeva and Hangseshwari are located here. The Vasudeva temple is constructed in the traditional ekaratna style with curved cornices and an octagonal tower. Hangseshwari temple has a unique architectural style. There are thirteen minars, each shaped like a lotus bud, and the inner layout follows the human anatomy.Zafar Khan Ghazi Mosque and Dargah situated at Tribeni in Hughli district, West Bengal, India, are considered to be among the earliest surviving Muslim monuments in Bengal. According to an inscription, the mosque is dated 698 AH (1298 AD). Tribeni (junction of three rivers viz, the Ganges, the Yamuna, and the Sarasvati - hence the name) was an ancient holy place of the Hindus. The Muslims conquered it during the early phase of their conquest of Bengal. The mosque is an oblong structure measuring 23.38by externally. It is the earliest surviving example of the brick-and-stone style introduced by the Muslims in Bengal in place of the traditional Hindu style of laying rectangular cut stones one upon another without mortar. The stones used in the mosque were originally materials from temples, as evidenced by figures of Hindu deities carved on some pieces. The original structure has suffered reconstruction a number of times.


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