Bahria Town Karachi

Karachi, 75440
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Bahria Town aspires to be Pakistan’s greatest builder of all times, with projects offered to an eclectic mix of segments , at choice locations with world class amenities, while ensuring the highest international standards, timely delivery, and lifelong customer satisfaction.

Bahria Town is the force turning the vision of modern Pakistan into reality

Bahria Town has been shaping landscapes and lives in Pakistan since the company's inception in 1996. Not just building homes, Bahria Town has developed value-added, master-planned communities housing thousands of families enjoying a complete living experience. When complete, projects such as the JV D&B Valley, Golf City, Garden City, Bahria Icon and many more under development will accommodate more than a million residents and will cover over 1 billion sq ft. Bahria Town’s 25,000 employees are delivering USD 5 billion of iconic developments, driving leadership, pioneering innovation and creating a legacy for generations to come. Bahria Town is the prime mover of the Pakistan's real estate and construction sector.

Bahria Town is, un-doubtedly, Pakistan's Largest Real Estate Developer.

‘We shall grow as a company through the growth of our people’ sets the tone for the Company policies towards employee caring and continuous development.

We Provide Happier, Healthier, Brighter Lives!

The pioneering action came after Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz Hussain recommended a series of initiatives as part of the company's new program on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We are re-doubling our efforts in the area of CSR and building knowledge and best practices, while setting an example in corporate transparency. We hope others will do the same. Making profits is not enough. The greatest privilege is to support the society, from which we draw our sustenance. Bahria Town takes these responsibilities very seriously. We care deeply about the environment and the societies in which we operate, and we're determined to play our part in caring for the disadvantaged and promoting civic values and providing sustenance on a long term basis. We have always emphasized that its time for a radical change in our part of the world for some time, but words are no longer enough. Businesses need to realize that by implementing socially responsible and sustainable programs that benefit the society and raise the standard of living, they are also helping to make their own businesses highly sustainable.

Corporate Citizenship Values

We firmly believe that our first responsibility is towards our first family. This is the core of our citizenship values. Our family includes our team, our clients and our residents. This essentially means taking care of the immediate environment under and around our communities.

Roeland Vos (President EAME, Starwood Hotels & Resorts)
The best, this will set new standards of quality, thank you so much!

Guido De Wilde (Sr. Vice President & Regional Director, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Middle East)
What a wonderful place. Well done. Second visit in one month and just another memorable experience. This place is magic. Thank you!

Antoine Joignant (Area Manager Pakistan & General Manager Sheraton Karachi Hotel, Starwood Hotels & Resorts)
Wowww!!! I ‘am wordless! When am I moving in?

LT. General Sallah Ud Din, HI, HI (M), S Bt | Chief of the General Staff | General Headquarters Rawalpindi
Over the years Bahria Town has definitely emerged as kind of a model for modern community living in Pakistan. Your ingenuity and imagination has ushered in an era of modern housing in the country which will have positive effects on the people’s life style and has provided a concept for other organizations and companies in Pakistan to emulate.
I pray your set up helps in bringing positive changes in the life’s of the common Pakistanis to be able to afford quality living in secure and serene environment within their humble and limited means.
I wish Bahria Town the very best of luck in bringing greater happiness in the lives of our country men and success in their projects.

Maj. Mansoor (Rawalpindi)
Excellent! It’s a beautiful place to live. I really appreciate the work of Bahria Town. The whole Bahria Town is nothing more like a paradise.

Col. Zahid Hussain (Rawalpindi)
Brilliant Work! It’s such a wonderful place to live. The staff deputed here is very co-operative and professional. Security is exceptional.

Dr. Zahoor Ahmed (Peshawar)
I was really impressed from the designing and decorum of the house, especially the accommodation of facilities in 600 yards plot. Brig. Sajid RizviCreative designs with false ceilings and depression in the walls.The efforts to set these new trends in housing sector are highly appreciated.


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