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Shubhashish Corporate Tower, 12-13 Rathore Nagar, Queen's Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, 302021
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Aretha Jewels: A New Era of Enchanting Adornments!

Jewellery has been an essential part of women’s makeup since ages, especially for Indian Women. India is the most famous country among the world for women’s ornaments and Indian women's make up without ornaments is considered incomplete.

Indian jewellery designs are well known worldwide for their creativeness and Indian famous designers believe, Creations of a skill-full craftsman can elevate the elegance of even the most mundane outfits."

Aretha Jewels’ eCommerce portal was launched on the auspicious occasion of independence day, 15-Aug-2017 and undoubtedly, it was a great success.

We give a reason to all the Indian housewives to ramp up their jewellery collection with the best creations of Aretha.

The word 'Aretha' depicts something extremely beautiful, attractive, sensitive, creative, modest, and intelligent, comprising many of the qualities hard to be found together. Aretha's vibrant jewellery collection embodies all the aforesaid qualities in its designs being a blend of elegance and attractiveness.

The jewellery house made it a point that 'good jewellery' should be in reach of each and every Indian woman regardless the fact they visit the local store or not. As a result, the idea of stepping into the e-commerce market stuck in the mind of Boards of Directors of Aretha and they created what they thought.

Jewellery in India isn't just an embellishment to a woman's beauty, it manifests tradition, legacy, and an inseparable custom that completes a woman's appearance. Be it festivals that strengthen the family bonds, unite the societies, and trims the communication gap or ceremonies and weddings where two families become one and share happiness and positive vibes, jewellery is everywhere.

Aretha understands that the world is changing and with this changing world people’s taste for the jewellery is also developing. And hence, we have come up with a whole new series of modern jewellery designed by some of the most recognized designers in Jaipur and abroad. At Aretha, the quality is never compromised and a top-notch customer service is always encouraged.

Aretha, with its wide collection, ensures that there is always something for everyone whether traditional or contemporary, whether imitation or precious, whether conventional or exclusive. From metal alloy jewellery to precious 22k gold one, from affordable faux stones to top grade finished diamonds, there is something for people of all taste and choices.

Traditional Rajwada necklaces to modern sleek neck pieces, from heavy sterling silver Kadas to lightweight Bracelets, and from Jhumki Earrings to Danglers, there will be multiple options for everyone including kids, teenagers, youngsters, newly wed brides, and matured ones. The prices at online Aretha's portal are actually affordable and it won't set you a lot of bucks back.

Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding new products, welcome discounts, and combo offers. There will always be some limited and exclusive jewellery products that you wouldn't want to miss on. Aretha's online portal reveals a whole new world of jewellery for everyone.


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