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Araria is a city and a municipality that is the headquarters of Araria district in the state of Bihar, India. Araria is situated at the northern part of Purnia and Medhepura in Bihar. Hatgaon, Sisona, Artya, Suksena etc. are some of the prominent villages.District statisticsAraria is primarily a rural district; 93% of the total population live in the rural areas . Only two out of nine tehsils have urban population that is concentrated in Forbesganj and Araria.In 2008 survey findings, Araria lagged behind the all India average in seven out of eight indicators and also lagged behind the all India level in terms of two more health related indicators. Most of the villages lack some basic infrastructure: 92 percent are without any medical facilities; 20 percent of the villages lack formal facilities of education of any type; 597 out of 713 villages are without electricity; and 50 percent of the villages are without all-weather road connectivity. The overall work participation rate is 40.3 percent, which is much less in case of the female population. Agriculture laborers dominate the labor force that is almost double of the national average.There is a substantial concentration of minority population. Against the state average of 20.52%, Muslims constitutes 49.4 per cent of the total rural populations, but their percentages are 77.5% in Jokihat, 62.70% of Araria, and 46.8% in Palasi subdivisions. The number of minority groups - Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Jains - are negligible. The rural literacy rate is 33.2 percent, much below the state and national averages. The worst is female literacy rate, i.e. 20.4%. In other words, only one out of five women is literate. Even sex ratio, i.e., 917 is less than state and all India level.


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