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Amloh is a city, sub-district and municipal council in Fatehgarh Sahib district in the state of Punjab, India.Amloh is a sub-district of Fatehgarh sahib district. Amloh was founded by Faiz Baksh, the Governor of Sirhind. After the fall of Sirhind in 1763, Amloh was annexed by Raja Hamir Singh, the ruler of Nabha State. It was developed by the erstwhile ruler of Nabha State. The fort in the town was constructed by Raja Hira Singh of Nabha. It was given the status of Nizamat (District) headquarters. After the creation of District Fatehgarh Sahib in 1992, Amloh was given the status of sub-divisional headquarters. Some part of the old building of the fort is now occupied by government offices.However, the major portion of the fort is in a dilapidated condition. Amloh town is also a block and tehsil headquarters. This block consists of 100 (Revenue Estates) villages. The total area of the block is 26,893 hectares. Paddy, wheat, potato and sun flower are the main crops of the block. A sugar mill viz. Nahar Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd. has started functioning at village Khumna near Amloh on Khanna - Amloh road, due to which the cropping pattern of the block has changed. The block has adequate irrigation facilities.All the villages of the block have been allotted among 13 branches of commercial banks under Service Area Approach. Besides, 11 branches of commercial banks are functioning at Mandi Gobindgarh. The block has five branches of Fatehgarh Sahib Central Coop. Bank Ltd. and 1 branch of Primary Agricultural Land Development Bank at Amloh.Amloh is located at. It has an average elevation of 259m.Amloh has the judicial court complex in the middle of the city.HistoryAmloh is a historical city. It is sub-division/district of Fatehgarh sahib district. Amloh was founded by the Governor of Sirhind, Faiz Baksh. In 1763 after the fall of Sirhind Amloh was addendum to the state of Nabha by Raja Hira Singh. It has very famous for the old fort, which were belongs to 18th century Amloh town was ruled by Faiz BakshRaja Hira SinghBritish (18th-19th century)


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