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Al-Mehdi Foundation near post office Budgam, Badgam, 191111
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Al-Mehdi foundations aim to work for the general development of society in terms of
- Religion
-All roundness
-general capability.
to provide a general platform for the young talented youth in the field of education and provide them all possible means of study and compensation.
to aware the youth about the various political and religious spheres of the world and to keep them up to date about the various happenings.
to have general capacity building, career counseling and other such programmes
so as to prepare our youth for the future.
to aware the target beneficiaries which mainly include talented youth about the various govt. and non govt. schemes which will encourage them to study more.
to help students to achieve academic excellence and brilliance in all fields.
to develop scientific aptitude in students for crystal clear thinking.
to orient them the to sense of responsibility towards self and society
to inculcate in the students rich moral, social and professional ethics so that they could do justice to their job.
To encourage students to commence to college and proceed to universities.
on the whole the organization aims at providing the kind of counseling and guidance which makes the youth morally uplifted, spiritually awakened, intellectually enriched, academically sound, personally adjusted, professionally proficient, socially enlightened, nationally highly sought and internationally acknowledged.


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